Château Owners

Both château owners and winemakers

Jean-Marc Veyron la Croix and Jacky Martinon are first and foremost ardent fans of Wine and Wine-growing. Wine-making is the fruit of an exacting process subject to the vagaries of Mother Nature. Every day, the crucial ingredients of hard work, innate talent, the ability to innovate and a readiness to strike out on new paths must be blended together in just the right proportion in order to create a first-class product.

The Barons Veyron la Croix

The earliest mention of the Veyron la Croix family (in the person of a merchant called Claude) dates from the 16th century and can be traced to the area around Saint-Etienne de St-Geoirs (Dauphiné). The family was of some note in the local area and its members upheld a very long tradition of service in the military. However, the family didn’t have a single wine-maker until Jean-Marc !

Martinon-Faure : 5 Generations

Born into a family wine-making tradition that stretched back several generations, Jacky Martinon was very close to his grandparents on his mother’s side. His grandfather Julien Faure passed his know-how on to him,  teaching him how to tend the vineyard and instructing him in the art of wine-making against the backdrop of the stunning Pays des Pierres Dorées (the land of the golden stones) region.


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