Great Wines of Burgundy and Beaujolais

Between Bourgogne and Beaujolais

The Château de Chasselas is special in that it straddles both Burgundy and the Beaujolais region. We can therefore offer you wines from both of these prestigious wine-producing areas. Year after year our wines have von awards for their high quality and distinguished taste in the Concours General du Mâcon (one of the largest wine shows in France). The secret to our success is our dedication to capturing the unique character of the terroir in every bottle made.

A one-stop shop for Wine-lovers

In our cosy boutique you can sample to your heart’s content our rich collection of red, white and rosé wines, as well as sparkling and semi-sparkling wines… Old vines and late harvest wines are also available… The Château de Chasselas offers a selection of the very finest Burgundy and Beaujolais wines to suit all budgets.

Discover the Rich Flavors of Bourgogne

Alongside our extensive collection of wines, we offer a range of high quality – artisanal products made locally. Discover the famous Oils of Beaujolais used by many of the top chefs across the world. Perhaps you are in the mood for something sweet. Try our selection honey and jams made from fruits and flowers of the region. Don’t forget to sample the classic liqueurs of Bourgogne made by the renowned distillery: Maison Jacoulot.


The château wine shop awaits you

There is a special area reserved for wine-tasting and wine sales

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