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Fine wines from Burgundy

Treat your taste buds to the top quality red, white and rosé wines produced by the Château de Chasselas, which also makes sparkling wines. The Château de Chasselas operates as both vineyard owner and wine merchant. Discover an excellent range of Gamay-based reds produced on the estate, as well as prestigious appellations like “Pouilly-Fuissé” and “Saint-Véran”.grand-vin-bourgogne

Wine Tourism in South Burgundy

Wine tourism is an integral part of what we do at the Château de Chasselas. Being very much focused on the outside world and proficient in three languages, we can offer tailored services such as lunch in the château’s main reception room, an introduction to the local area’s history and wine-growing traditions, wine tasting sessions and the opportunity to have a browse in the château shop.oenotourisme-bourgogne-du-sud

Wedding receptions in Burgundy

The Château de Chasselas is the perfect place to host a wedding: an elegant, prestigious setting boasting plenty of room, top quality facilities and a wide range of white, red and sparkling wines from which to choose. Just ask – your wish is our command! The wooded grounds are a great place for a wedding day drinks reception and we even have our own helipad !salle-mariage-bourgogne-du-sud

Cosy gîte accomodation in Burgundy

Perhaps you’re getting married at the Château de Chasselas or maybe you’d like to have a holiday in southern Burgundy? Our gîte can sleep 11 people and boasts personality galore, with its 1930s-style living room, large, fully-fitted kitchen and several tastefully-furnished bedrooms. You also have your very own private garden with sun loungers, a parasol and a barbecue.gite-familial-bourgogne-du-sud

The Estate and its Surroundings

The Château de Chasselas is set in a quintessential “Southern Burgundy and Beaujolais” landscape of vineyards, forests and imposing houses with exposed dry-stone walls. The 12th century church keeps guard over this classic village of some 170 souls. The famous escarpments, the roche de Solutré and the roche de Vergisson, and the pleasant town of Mâcon are just a few kilometres distant.chasselas

The owner’s debt to Art and History

In the eyes of the Château owners, Wine, Art and History are inextricably linked. This guiding principle has brought the very best out of the château, resulting in a truly inspired, yet subtle and perfectly-judged marriage of top quality wines and timeless architecture, not to mention concerts and exhibitions! Jean-Marc Veyron la Croix and Jacky Martinon are wine-makers with an eye for the aesthetic and very much an open mind on the World.chatelains-chasselas

Latest News

The history of the Château since 1999

The history of the Château since 1999

We look back


In 1999, Jean-Marc Veyron la Croix and Jacky Martinon took on the ownership of the Château de Chasselas and its vineyard.

The previous owner was a Paris-based Managing Director in the construction services sector, a former student of a prestigious école polytechnique, who bought the château in the 1970s. The château itself had not been lived in for over 40 years! It is only fitting that we acknowledge this individual’s actions, which played a crucial part in preserving and restoring the château, which was falling into a dire state of repair.

The new owners will continue this work by implementing a major program aimed at restoring and further developing the château and its facilities:

  • Improvements to the grounds: paths, the bridge, the planting of flower beds and trees, lighting, helipad
  • Vineyard restoration and conversion to ‘culture raisonnée’ wine growing methods (limiting the use of herbicides and pesticides)
  • The purchase of vines in the municipality of Leynes, increasing the size of the estate to 12 hectares
  • A complete overhaul of the vatting process: pneumatic wine press, thermoregulation
  • Vinification is done on a plot-by-plot basis with the wines being aged in stainless steel vats, oak barrels and on the lees
  • Conversion of the old dwelling house into a gîte that can accommodate 11 people
  • Conversion of the former banqueting hall into a wedding reception room, and creation of an adjoining kitchen

These efforts have laid the foundation for the resumption of the Château’s artistic and cultural activities

  • The performance of an annual theatrical production
  • A yearly Violin Master Class
  • Various exhibitions, when the opportunity presents itself

They have also afforded opportunities for people to enjoy visiting and using the château through a variety of activities

  • Weddings, including on weekdays
  • Tourist tours (wine-tasting, tours of the winemaking facilities)

People who were familiar with the château before these developments now pay tribute to the considerable effort invested by Jean-Marc and Jacky

…with a view to breathing new life into the estate without taking it away completely from its roots. The Château de Chasselas is perfectly at home in the 21st century – its age-old form providing a home for a very solid business model that is highly-attuned to the tastes and expectations of the consumer.

Task of the month : pruning the vines

Task of the month : pruning the vines

It continues in January


Vine pruning starts with the fall of the vine leaves, as soon as the sap has retreated back down into the roots. This is a lengthy process which stretches from November to March.

The pruning method will have an impact on the wine produced in the coming year: the more fruiting canes there are, the more clusters there will be. However, quantity does not always mean quality and it’s the winegrower’s job to find a happy medium between the two.

During the pruning season, the winegrower also has to look after the vineyard trellis (replacing stakes, tightening wires) and replace any missing vines.

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